Sustainable Raw Material

Use of agri-forest debris as raw materials for products. Use of proprietary water-base odorless binder. Absolutely no cutting of trees.

Energy Efficiency

Use of bio-fuels for semi-mechanized production machines. Installation of roof insulation for company infrastructure to minimize heat, reduce energy consumption for cooling. Green Procurement Policy requires purchase of energy efficient equipment and material. Sourcing of material from within 50 kilometer radius. Conversion of incandescent lights to compact florescent lights to LED lights and High Ceiling Production areas for natural ventilation.

Sustainable Production

Majority of production are by hand, very minimal use of ground water. Products are then dried using natural air and heat from the sun.

Water Conservation

Rain water catchment system, two large reservoirs has the combined capacity of 25,000 gallon. Use of rainwater, instead of ground water for water testing of products.

Solid Waste Management

Waste Monitoring and Segregation, Material Recovery Program for recycling or reuse, recycling of empty steel barrels, used as perimeter fence and roofing sheds and similar infrastructure.


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