December 8, 1996 

Pete and Cathy Delantar founders of Nature's Legacy.

Pete and Cathy Delantar founders of Nature's Legacy.

Through the successful collaboration of both entrepreneurs, husband and wife team, Pete and Cathy Delantar the company was established. 

The synergy was the first indications, perhaps of a working model that the couple would repeat over the next ten years. Cathy, the visionary, has the audacious ideas while Pete, frugal and more conservative, executes the pioneering product development with style, bravado and keen attention to detail.

Pedro H. Delantar Jr., or "Pete", the President and CEO of Nature's Legacy Eximport Inc., and President of the Marmor Corporation, a Manufacturing company that has produced various innovative home furnishings and high end products made from composite materials.

Cathy Delantar, Vice President of Nature's Legacy Eximport Inc., President CVD Ventures Inc and Floreia®, a subsidiary of Nature's Legacy. Where it produces its recent pioneering and material innovation called Naturescast® and Nucast®.